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7 reasons why you should have a regular massage

Is having a massage a luxury or a great self-care tool? You might be aware that having regular massages are very good for your body and mind, but perhaps are unsure the reasons why. On this post we will explore some of the benefits massage has:

1. It releases muscle tension

This is probably the most well known benefit of massage, as a deep tissue massage targets those tight muscles, allowing them to relax and in turn aid muscle and joint performance.

2.  It improves posture

By freeing the restrictions the body has due to tight muscles and poor joint alignment, the body is able to find its most natural position.  In addition, having regular massages increases awareness of how your body feels when it is at optimal health and when it is not.  Thus, increased awareness makes you more alert to notice when you hold a bad posture.

3.  It has a big impact on your mood

Massage is known for decreasing stress levels and helping towards dealing with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.  It is well known that human touch is a very powerful healing tool, and if you add this to the fact that by having a massage you are practicing self-love you are onto a winner!

4.  Relaxation and better sleep

Having a regular massage treatment helps you to schedule time for yourself.  During this time, you can switch off and let somebody else look after your needs.  This is deeply relaxing and often has a dramatic effect on improved sleep, let it be because the muscles are less tense or because the mind is not racing as much.

5.  Increases blood flow and aids immune support

One of the benefits of massage is how it acts like a pump to increase blood flow to tissues and organs.  This happens with all types of massages, but it is particularly noticeable during abdominal massage, aiding digestion and reproduction.  But massage also affects the lymphatic system, which is of vital importance on immune support.  So you guessed it, having regular massages helps your organs to stay healthy and keeps you away from falling ill frequently.

6.  Relieves headaches

This is a great one, since most headaches can be traced back to stress, muscle tension or bad posture.  It is not easy to see the connection of those headaches you suffer with your tight shoulders, your high levels of stress or the fact that you are clenching your teeth (go back to a previous post on TMJ tension for more on this).  But a regular massage is a great drug-free tool to help you be headache free.

7.  Joint lubrication and skin

As mentioned before, massage increases blood flow, affecting pretty much all organs.  This includes the biggest organ of our body,  the skin.  Massage keeps skin supple and elastic, not to mention the amazing benefits it can have on dealing with scars.  Having regular massages and releasing muscle tension helps to keep the joints moving nicely, with a healthy lubrication.

So I hope I have been able to explain some of the benefits of having a regular massage here. If you are not doing so already, stop thinking of massage as a luxury and more of a looking after the only body you have.

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Author: Unwind Edinburgh

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