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Myofascial Release – Level 1 training

11009097_409294482581699_7467973743121282142_nFor the last two days I have been training with the wonderful Ruth Duncan from Myofascial Release UK to complete my Level 1 of Myofascial Release training.  Ruth Duncan has shared her passion on MFR with us, and doing so she has helped me to understand there is much more than muscles in soft tissue therapy.  It has been lovely to meet up with a wide range of wonderful practitioners and to share with them the experience of what fascia is all about!

Fascia can be described as an uninterrupted  sheet of tissue which extends from feet to head, connecting every part of the body with each other three dimensionally.  Having this in mind, it is easy to understand how fascia restrictions in one area of the body can indeed “pull” and tighten other parts of the body where pain can be manifested.

Tightness on the fascia can be caused by trauma (both physical and emotional), inflammatory processes and habitually poor posture.  While soft tissue techniques used during remedial and holistic massage therapy can do wonders on alleviating and addressing pains and aches, I have now seen first hand how relieving fascial restrictions can go so much further.

Myofascial release aims to work at deep fascia level by applying gentle pressure to the tissues.  The therapist then “feels” with her hands where the restrictions are assisting the body to let go of these.  Once fascial restrictions are released, the body is free to move allowing other parts of this fascial “suit” to release.

As a highly analytical person, my biggest challenge for these last two days has been to “let go” of expectations and stop rationalising how fascial release occurs and the impact it has on the physical and emotional state of the client.  I have had the pleasure to experience myofascial release on myself and although hard to describe, it was an eye opening amazing experience! In addition, I have also been lucky to witness myofascial releases on members of my course, with huge changes both physically and emotionally.

I am now intrigued and looking forward to learn more! I will be joining Level 2 and 3 shortly to take my practice on myofascial release further.  In the meantime, I am eager to use these techniques on current and new clients!


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