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End of a year… bring on 2015!

I initially planned to write this post before the end of 2014, but I underestimated how busy things were before and during Xmas!  On the other hand, posting now allows me to update you on my plans (so far) for 2015 and to wish you a Happy New Year!!

2014 was a big year for me, as I finally got the courage to break free from office work and become a full-time massage therapist.  I was full of doubts when I quit my job, but just over three months in I am certain it was the right decision.  Now each day is different (still learning to go with the flow!) and I have the pleasure to meet loads of lovely people who come to the clinic.  I finally feel fulfilled with my job as I can see first hand how my treatments help my clients rather than making somebody a little bit richer…

I finished 2014 on a high and I start 2015 full of plans and ideas!!

I am finishing at Leith Therapy Clinic at the end of January, as Gwen is coming back after having her baby.  It is been great to treat her clients and meet so many lovely people.  I wish Gwen all the best on her return to work!

Remember – During January only, I will be offering a 90 minutes relaxing massage for £50 at Leith Therapy Clinic

I have been in touch with the owners of a lovely clinic in Edinburgh and I am hoping to start with them in February (fingers crossed!).  More on this, hopefully, on a future post!

I am eager to continue my training, so I am planning to attend a few training events early this year to widen my knowledge and techniques:

  • Level 1 Myofascial release – Really excited about this course, hoping to learn new techniques to use in all my treatments
  • Specific treatment of hip and pelvis – Looking forward to learn more techniques for treating this area often associated with lower back pain
  • Pregnancy massage – Interested in learning pre and post natal massage

Hope 2015 is shaping up to be a great one for you, see you soon!

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