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Swedish vs Sports/Remedial massage

With so many massage types out there, you might be confused about what you are looking for… hopefully this will help you!

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage consists of movements which form the basis for all massage work.  Swedish massage, also called therapeutic, relaxing or holistic, is often used superficially to produce an overall relaxing effect.  Moreover, Swedish can have an effect on various body systems (including your immune and circulatory systems) as well as reducing pain.

If you are looking for a pure relaxing experience or you are not keen on deep pressure massage, Swedish massage is likely to be for you!

What is Remedial massage?

Remedial massage consists of  the specific assessment of joints and then the use of deep soft tissue massage techniques which are required to treat may painful conditions.  This type of massage often concentrates on the specific area of the body which is painful.   Based on the initial consultation and joint assessment, your therapist will determine the area to be treated.  Deep soft tissue massage, together with mobilisations and passive and resisted movements are then used to relieve pain.

You might have experience this type of massage in the past, it great for treating a long list of issues which include:

  • legs – painful knees, tight hamstrings, calves or quads
  • hips – sciatica type pain, tight hip flexors, pain around the sacrum
  • back – lower, mid or upper back pain
  • shoulders and neck pain
  • arm – tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, wrist RSI

As with all your treatments, remember to let your therapist know how much pressure you want, as we are all different, and it can vary from one visit to another.

What is Sports massage?

Sports massage is the application of Remedial massage techniques in the sporting arena and working with athletes at all levels, from the amateur to the professional athlete!  Particularly indicated if you suffer a sport injury, but also of huge benefit as a maintenance massage if you are a keen sports person.  Having regular sports massage will help you to stay injury free, as it maintains your muscles supple; you will also soon realise how much faster you recover from your training sessions or competitions, ultimately helping you to perform better.

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Author: Unwind Edinburgh

Unwind Edinburgh specializes in Remedial, Sports and Therapeutic Massage in Edinburgh. Our therapies help our clients to relax and help with recovery from sports and muscle injuries.